Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Panasonic SR-3NA Automatic 1.5 Cup (Uncooked)/3 Cups (Cooked) Rice, Five Stars in my opinion

The previous week. I search for information on the Panasonic SR-3NA Automatic 1.5 Cup (Uncooked)/3 Cups (Cooked) Rice Cooker, so i would like to describe here.

the reason I bought a rice cooker small often make as little as 1/4 of Cup of rice at a time, and the biggest rice cookers are not good for the preparation of such small quantities. I initially owned the Black & Decker RC3303 3-Cup Rice Cooker, but when the non-stick coating started coming I decided to upgrade for the Panasonic. (FYI: I have learned from experience that it is important to use only silicone or wooden spoons, because even nylon utensils can scratch the Interior. I also learned that it is best to hand wash, anti-stick elements). So, mostly I'm going to talk about the difference between the two models. for starters, the Panasonic rice cooker is much nicer than its homologue of Black & Decker. the build quality seems more solid, and cooking rice is more elegant looking and a smaller fraction. in terms of accessories, and rice cookers come with a measuring cup, but only the Black & Decker has a rice ball. (which is good for me, as I prefer to use silicon rather than plastic. the Trudeau Silicone Spatula 9 inch, blue is perfect for this.) Another nice feature is that, unlike the black & Decker, Panasonic has a vent hole cover; Instead, the rice cooker is designed so that the steam disperses throughout the outer rim of the lid. the cable is a bit longer, which I don't really like but it might be useful in an older kitchen with fewer electrical outlets. Read more ›

Panasonic SR-3NA Automatic 1.5 Cup (Uncooked)/3

Color:Silver Automatic Rice Cooker Conquer a variety of culinary endeavors with help from Panasonic's automatic rice cooker. Create light, fluffy, restaurant-quality rice--perfect for side dishes or stir-fries. Or make sticky rice for rolling sushi, Spanish rice for enchilada night, or hearty wild rice to add to a tossed green salad--or even creamy rice pudding with ci .... Read more or Check Price

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