Sunday, September 13, 2015

Review Camp Chef Maximum Output Single Cooker Stove, Great Cajun cooker!

A yesterday. I search for information on the Camp Chef Maximum Output Single Cooker Stove, so i have to tell.

I started using this brewing burner instead of in the kitchen. camp fires Chef is easy to install and simple to use. This product contains a stainless steel pot with 7 gallons of liquid with ease. can quickly heat up the liquid and hold it to a rolling boil or even rages on as long as necessary. I purchased separately the ignition lighter that makes starting is a breeze. the only problem I see with it is that after one use black jacket outside anywhere near the burners start peeling off in large sections. This is not a big deal to me, because mine is stored inside and is not likely to cause any rust. However, I could see this is a major concern for those that use and store this outdoors or during camping. overall this stove is great, and now that I would never return to the top of the stove.

Camp Chef Maximum Output Single Cooker

At a whopping 60,000 BTU/hr, the Camp Chef Maximum Output Single Burner Cooker was built specifically to heat quickly. This outdoor stove is superb when it comes to brewing and boiling liquids efficiently, thanks to its high-pressure system. Its small size and easy portability makes this a great stove for camping and emergency preparedness. You can use it alone or combine it .... Read more or Check Price

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