Sunday, September 13, 2015

Review Wonderbag Non-Electric Portable Slow Cooker with Recipe, Wonderbag Thermal Cooking

The several days before. I'm looking for information on the Wonderbag Non-Electric Portable Slow Cooker with Recipe Cookbook, Red Batik, so i would like to describe here.

This just arrived yesterday and today was just my first use. from what I can tell that it does what it is supposed to do, although the instructions could not be completely clear. "better to know" announces the last page of the booklet, and included the chart "Times" suggests that rice and cereals need five minutes on the stove and at least 45 minutes in the bag. It would be clearer to understand that means five minutes on the stove * after * bring to boil rice. wait at least 10 minutes, maybe longer for large quantities. I brought a pot of short grain rice to a boil, then simmer for 5 minutes to make sure the rice was heated through. I opened the Wonderbag, put a dish towel on the bottom (because rice had boiled over a bit) and put the pot over the towel. then covered the pot with another towel, put the lid on the pot and closed Wonderbag bag. set the timer for an hour. After an hour I opened my purse (and had a steam explosion) and controlled the temperature of rice. It has been over 182° C, definitely hot enough to cook a grain. the rice was cooked perfectly. the exterior of the bag was cold to the touch, and the work plan under the bag was fresh. the inside was very warm, which tells me that the stock insulation is doing an excellent job of retaining the warmth. Since my pots have long handles, I took two vases with handles short and narrow fitting lids for use in this bag. a pot 2 quarters and an 8 quart pot up both fit in the bag (individually ... --not at the same time) and it's easy to organize your bag to fit around or vase. with all this isolation is bag large. It's going to take a lot of space when not in use. Read more ›

Wonderbag Non-Electric Portable Slow Cooker

Color:Red Wonderbag Portable Slow Cooker with Recipe Cookbook, Red BatikWhat's a Wonderbag? Wonderbag is a simple but revolutionary non-electric, portable slow cooker. Wonderbag's clever insulation allows food that has been brought to the boil to continue slow cooking or warm while in the bag. No plugs. No Fuss. No electricity required, so it’s worry-free. Slow Cooking with .... Read more or Check Price

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