Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Review King Kooker 34502 High Pressure Adjustable, Different from picture but works well.

The previous week. I'm looking for information on the King Kooker 34502 High Pressure Adjustable Regulator with Type 1 Connection, so i would like to describe here.

What received does not look exactly like the picture. the wording is different and the regulator knob has a sticker 10 psi on it. the connection between the controller and the hose is permanent and not like in the picture thread. the tube is about 30 "and the whole Assembly is 35" from start to finish. I think they just need to update the image. works fine on my grid. the grid would not be over 425 with the original controller and I took a little more than 600 degrees with this. the knob is a little too easy to turn low sensitivity, so I removed the sticker 10 psi to obtain access to the screw to remove the knob. It is still easy to turn with my fingers and less likely to get bumped so I don't think I'll be putting the knob back on.

King Kooker 34502 High Pressure Adjustable

King Kooker high pressure Adjustable regulator with type 1 connection and stainless steel braided hose with 3/8" female flare swivel, features high pressure adjustable regulator, Type 1 connection, Stainless Steel braided hose and 3/8" female flare swivel end fitting all with a 10 psi rating. Power your portable propane outdoor cooker with this durable King Kooker high pressure .... Read more or Check Price

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